christian kuntner -- Music

Musician, performer, sounddesigner and multi-artist, working in Switzerland and abroad.
Bachelor of music at Swiss Jazz School in Bern, 1985. He combines his various skills in the filed of audio-installations, as sounddesigner for listening-spots in museums and movies, and as musician and sound-artist for theatre plays. His longterm experience as musician, playing many different styles in more than 30 bands, combined with his interest in common noise and soundscapes, results in the creation of phantastic soundspaces which he mostly presents in visual fancy or distracting environnements.
Christian was 15 years on the road with circus-theatre FEDERLOS, touring almost 2 years in africa (Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Namibia and Zimbabwe).
His tours with Band took place all over Europe, Central Asia, Japan, USA, Canada, Haiti.
He was working as performer with his project Remote Citizen in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, USA, Argentina, France.
During the last 35 years, he currently appears as bassplayer on 45 CDs or Records, distributed by various labels in Switzerland, Italy, US, UK.

Most active Band at the moment: SONAR >>